Poster Session

Fifth Annual Waggoner Center Advance

March 24, 2017

1 | Cecilia Borghese

“A long non-coding RNA induced in alcoholics reduces NMDA receptor expression without modifying GABA-A or glycine receptor expression”

2 | Christopher Robison

"Estradiol and lesions to the mPOA influence the behavioral response to cocaine"

3 | Saul Jaime

"Acute intravenous ethanol stimulates extracellular norepinephrine in the ventral striatum of Long Evans rats"

4 | Linda Gutierrez, Annie Park, Tracy Tran

"Using BARCODE a novel ethanol preference assay to explore sexually dimorphic ethanol behaviors"

5 | Matt Pomrenze

"Recruitment of amygdala CRF neurons mediates escalated alcohol consumption"

6 | Natasha Pflanz

"The Molecular Action of Benzodiazepines is Dependent on the Breakage and Formation of Electrostatic Bonds"

7 | Regina Mangieri

"Investigation of endogenous PPARα agonists as regulators of excessive ethanol consumption"

8 | Regina Mangieri

"Target validation by accumbal plasticity screening"

9 | Emma Erickson

"Astrocyte-specific transcriptome responses to alcohol consumption"

10 | Emily Grantham

"Endosomal TLR activation produces brain region specific neuroimmune signaling"

11 | Emily Wilhite

"Frequent Drinking in High School and Impulsivity Predict Perpetration of Sexual Coercion whereas Sensation Seeking Predicts Unwanted Sexual Contact For Men Across College"

12 | Laura Ferguson

"Transcriptome analysis of binge drinking mice"

13 | Bob Messing

"Protein Kinase C Epsilon Inhibitors Reduce EtOH Consumption in Mice"

14 | Jingyi Wang

"Selective Activation of (a4)3(b2)2 nAChRs Reduces Alcohol Consumption Without Affecting Ethanol Intoxication"

15 | Nicole Farley

"Mutation-induced changes in agonist efficacy alter allosteric modulation of the glycine receptor"

16 | Christopher Tulisiak

"Changes in DNA modification regulatory systems in a mouse model of alcohol dependence"

17 | Thilini Wijesekera

"Putative non-nuclear splice isoform of Drosophila NFkB Dif plays a role in ethanol response"

18 | Anna Warden

"TLR3 activation increases alcohol intake"

19 | Rajani Maiya

"A Role for the Transcriptional Regulator LM04 in Limiting Alcohol Consumption"

20 | Sarah Wolfe

"Acute Alcohol and Rapid Antidepressant Influence on the Synaptic Transcriptome"