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June 1, 2023

The following graduate students in Waggoner Affiliate Faculty labs have earned their PhDs this past year. Congratualtions on job well done!

Ranjeet Kar, PhD, (5/2023). PI: Dr. Johann Eberhart.

            Thesis Title: “Bioinformatic approaches to characterize phenotypic variability in craniofacial development”

Scott Tucker, PhD, (5/2023). PI: Dr. Johann Eberhart,

            Thesis Title: “The function of mTORC1 in craniofacial morphogenesis”

Dylan Kirsch, PhD, (11/2022). PI: Dr. Elizabeth Lippard

             Thesis Title: “Ventral Prefrontal Network Connectivity and Alcohol Sensitivity in Young Adults with Bipolar Disorder” 

Nicole Keller, PhD, (11/2022). PI: Dr. Joey Dunsmoor

            Thesis Title: “The Neurobehavioral Mechanisms of Counterconditioning”

Valeria Tretyak, PhD, (5/2022). PIs: Dr. Elizabeth Lippard and Dr. Kim Fromme.

             Thesis Title: “Early Life Peer Victimization: Associated Neural Structure and Reactivity to Social-Emotional Stimuli, Drinking Motives, and Alcohol Use in Young Adulthood

Blaine Caslin, PhD, (4/2022). PI Dr. Esther Melamed.

            Thesis Title: “Effects of Moderate Alcohol Consumption in a Murine Model of Multiple Sclerosis”