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June 2, 2022

Congratulations to the Waggoner graduate students that were awarded NRSA graduate fellowships this past year to support their predoctoral research projects.

Leah Truckenbrod (PI: Caitlin Orsini): "Neurobiology of risk taking in females: hormonal modulation of basolateral amygdala function"
Michael Dugan (PI: Bob Messing): "The role of BRSK1, a PKC epsilon substrate, in behavioral and physiological responses to ethanol"
Dylan Kirsch (PI: Beth Lippard): "Ventral Prefrontal Network Connectivity and Alcohol Sensitivity in Bipolar Disorder and Typically Developing Young Adults"
Geoff Dilly (PI: Messing Lab): "Cell-type specific central amygdala neurotransmission in alcohol dependence".