1 | Heather Aziz

Sex differences in glutamatergic synaptic transmission and plasticity in accumbal shell D1 MSNs of Drd1a-td tomato mice during adolescence

2 | Yuri Blednov

Apremilast, an inhibitor of phosphodiesterase 4, reduces some aspects of reward and increases ethanol intoxication in mice

3 | Cecilia Borghese

A long non-coding RNA induced in alcoholics reduces glutamatergic receptor currents without modifying GABA-A or glycine receptor currents

4 | Desirè Buckley

Zebrafish models of FASD: Embryonic ethanol exposure causes defective neuronal migration

5 | Ben Clites

Exploring the complex genetics of acute intoxication in C. elegans

6 | Roberto Cofresí

Testing the specificity of alcohol-associative learning in female rats & exploring effects of vaginal lavage and estrous cycle on free-choice drinking

7 | Roberto Cofresí

Testing for evidence of metabolic tolerance in healthy young adult drinkers

8 | Laura Ferguson

PPAR agonists modulate transposable element gene expression in brain and liver

9 | Elizabeth Gardner

Engineering chemogenetic ionotropic receptors for brain-wide manipulation

10 | Lina Gonzalez-Martinez

Social stress during adolescence produces selectively impulsive individuals

11 | Adam Gordon

Optogenetic activation of the lateral preoptic area excites dopamine neurons, supports self-stimulation, and elicits “positive affect” ultrasonic vocalizations

12 | Emily Grantham

A potential method for modulating alcohol drinking behavior with engineered gut bacteria

13 | Dawn Guzman

Transgenerational effects of ethanol on C. elegans

14 | Dylan Kirsch

Neural correlates of anxiety symptoms in individuals at risk for bipolar disorder and associated alcohol use

15 | Timothy Kuka

A novel low-density lipoprotein receptor protects against ethanol teratogenesis

16 | Philip Lambeth

Wireless extracellular recordings of rat VTA neurons during ethanol drinking behavior

17 | Khoi Le

The role of innate immune response in chronic alcohol abuse and other psychiatric disorders

18 | Rajani Maiya

Differential regulation of excessive alcohol consumption by the transcriptional regulator LM04

19 | Regina Mangieri

Anaplastic lymphoma kinase, a recently-discovered regulator of behavioral responses to ethanol, has circuit- and sex-specific influences on VTA GABA transmission

20 | Regina Mangieri

Inhibition of N-acylethanolamine acid amidase reverses effect of chronic binge ethanol drinking on VTA dopamine neuron firing

21 | Anuska Martinez

Locomotor predictors of alcohol consumption in rats

22 | Julia Martz

Estrogenic modulation of cocaine response in the medial preoptic area is dependent on biological sex

23 | Joel Shillinglaw

Ethanol modulation of the synaptic properties of mouse agranular insular cortex pyramidal neurons

24 | Alfire Sidik

Characterizing the early transcriptional response to ethanol

25 | Christopher Stojanik

OATS: a novel tagging system for insects

26 | Tracy Tran

An investigation in alcohol-induced fighting in flies

27 | Christopher Tulisiak

Global DNA methylation and hydroxymethylation profiles in specific cell populations of the prefrontal cortex in ethanol-dependent mice

28 | Anna Warden

Sex-dependent effects of toll-like-receptor 3 activation on alcohol intake

29 | Thilini Wijesekera

Putative non-nuclear splice isoform of Drosophila NfKB Dif plays a role in ethanol response